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Message from the Mamo

This Earth Day, consider how you could “get yourself in order,” to be a better steward of the planet. The Kogi are one of four indigenous tribes who live on Sierra Madre in Colombia. They have a rich oral history which has been passed down verbally from generation to generation for thousands of years. The Kogi …

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David Krantz on the Holism of Genetics and Psychedelics

In this episode.. David Krantz and I talk about his work in epigenetic coaching and how knowing more about one’s own genome can help to optimize the human experience. In true Psychedologist fashion, this episode goes all over the place: from the richness of breaking ourselves down into genes and biochemistry and psychology to piecing …

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Rhonda Raven and the Spiral Healing Path

A lawyer by training, and an intuitive and healer by nature, Rhonda Raven is an advocate and mediator for disability rights, civil rights and human rights. She is also an intuitive healer, energy worker, musician, shamanic practitioner, consultant and coach. She provides vision, clarity, intuition and guidance in all that she does. Through her healing …

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Leah Harris on Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

Description: Leah shares about intergenerational trauma and healing within her family, and how psychedelics figure into that story. We discuss the failings and dangers of the mainstream Western medical model of mental health and its treatments; we talk about the potential of psychedelics and the essential need for support for people who take them, as …

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Kitty Sipple and the Gatekeeping of Madness

This episode includes a conversation with Kitty Sipple about psychedelic accessibility, the gatekeeping of madness, their experiences of healing with the help of psychedelics, and DID (dissociative identity disorder). Kitty is a disabled, white, queer, non-binary femme. They are in their final semester at The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, earning a Multidisciplinary Bachelors of …

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Healing Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics: Laura Mae Northrup of Inside Eyes

Laura Mae Northrup is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma. She is a practicing psychotherapist and educator. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective …

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Dr. Ryan Westrum

In this episode, Dr. Ryan Westrum comes on the show to discuss psychedelic integration, sexuality, transpersonal psychology, current trends and issues in the psychedelic community. We ended the conversation and then went on to have an even more fantastic conversation, which I decided to include with Ryan’s permission. 🙂 enjoy. Dr. Ryan Westrum, PhD, MA …

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Adam Kretz interviews Leia!

Special Episode! Leia gets in the hot seat for a conversation with Adam Kretz of Humanities Engaged. Adam R. Kretz is a student at the University of Minnesota Morris studying Psychology and Philosophy. He is a member of the Minneapolis Psychedelic Society and founder of their Philosophy discussion groups. You can check out his podcast, …

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Ariel Vegosen and QUEERDOME

Ariel Vegosen is a professional Gender Inclusivity Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Writer, Educator, Mentor, Performance Artist, and Consultant. In this episode we talk about Queerdome, a collaborative, queer-centered, psychedelic harm-reduction space that will be rolling out at Burning Man 2019! We also discuss gender as a racialized experience, gender in judaism, the history and implications of …

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Dee Adams, MSPH of AyaGSD

Dee Adams is a psychedelic medicine writer, advocate, and creator. She is a transgender woman (she/her pronouns) and advocates for safe and affirming spaces for gender and sexually diverse people to experience and integrate psychedelic medicine spaces. Her website www.ayagsd.com is dedicated to affirming ayahuasca retreats, research, and education for gender and sexually diverse people. Dee holds a Masters of Science in Public Health, is a global HIV advisor, and has worked in 20 countries. She currently splits her time between Oklahoma and South Africa.

Decriminalization with Teresa, Nicolle and Carlos

This episode includes a conversation with Teresa Mycelia who helped with Denver’s (successful) initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and a conversation with Nicolle Greenheart and Carlos Plazola who are part of Decriminalize Nature Oakland.

Kristopher Stone – Conscious Cock

Kristopher Stone is a Sex educator, relationship skills teacher and author. He works with primarily with heterosexual men and couples to help them get what they really want out of their relationship and sex life.

Bett Williams

In this hilarious, wise and heart-filled episode, Bett and Leia share some back and forth on the current climate of psychedelia. Bett graciously reads us two amazing excerpts from her upcoming book, The Wild Kindness, and we reflect on the moments that draw us to ask ourselves, “what do I stand for?”

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