Revillaging the Inhabitants with Danielle Bellevita

A former corporate project manager of information technology systems, Dani retired to travel re-creationally as The Mobile Office Mystic, a published author, peace-making educator and facilitator of flow. She plays at the global intersections of permaculture and festival production organizing art and music, social justice activism, and local community-building ecosystems from the camps of Standing Rock to jungles in Central America. Her joy is in bridging the virtual tech world with the living natural wild, making lots of maps, matches, magic… and a little bit of mischief.

In this episode..
Danibelle shares about her life’s journey, from Detroit to the mountains of the pacific northwest to Standing Rock to Costa Rica, and learning to listen to where she is called. She shares about village building, or as she likes to say, revillaging the inhabitants; we talk about decolonization and bringing what we have to offer to the people of a place in order to restore connection.

We hear about the ABCs of living in Community (starting with awareness, boundaries, and consent); surrounding ourselves with people who nurture our growth and learning; recognizing our interrelatedness with all of life and hence, our responsibility to care for it properly; how mama nature has sent us all to our rooms, and figuring out what to do when we come out (like clean up the messes we made).

Dani calls for us to invest the resources that have been taken from the earth and give them back; she discusses her passion for bridging the worlds of the virtual with the wild, and new projects that she is working on in the realm of regenerative altruism with blockchain technology, community currency and decentralized platforms.

She is using her experience living in the gift economy to build the future of giving with, in partnership with and the You can get a sneak peek of what is coming at

LinkedIn: danibelle
Twitter: @theofficemystic
Medium: @theofficemystic
Blogspot: theofficemystic

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