Rhonda Raven and the Spiral Healing Path

A lawyer by training, and an intuitive and healer by nature, Rhonda Raven is an advocate and mediator for disability rights, civil rights and human rights. She is also an intuitive healer, energy worker, musician, shamanic practitioner, consultant and coach. She provides vision, clarity, intuition and guidance in all that she does.

Through her healing practice, Spiral Healing by Raven, she is able to help clients remove blocks, often unseen or unknown, that are in the way of their health, success, and overall well being. One area where Rhonda Raven, or Raven as she is referred to in her healing work, is particularly gifted is in seeing and getting to the true source of the issue where unhealthy patterns may have originated, and then working to bring them to light and to clear them. Raven helps to reveal the root of the issues and illness so that they can be seen, acknowledged, addressed and healed. Her work has provided profound and deep healing for many individuals on the physical, emotional and energetic levels.

As a lawyer, mediator and advocate for inclusion, accessibility, social justice and human rights, Rhonda has traveled around the world and worked in the U.S offering her skills, knowledge and insights to support projects, policy and uplift others.

Raven is bilingual (English and Spanish), and her life path has also called her to spend time in Costa Rica and the United States to also help provide clarity and healing support for those working with plant medicines, offering integration and intuitive healing work with individuals through Walking the Plant Path. For those working to make the world a more just and inclusive space, Rhonda Raven is available to support you as well.


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