Evelyn Hale

Evelyn Hale comes on the podcast to talk about trauma, healing, her personal journey, and a question I ask myself often: “what is trauma and what is me?”

Evelyn Hale, formerly Shelbi DuBord, is a Trauma Coach, Master Healer, and intuitive with a rich background in psychology and personal transformation. Her consciousness journey threads back to childhood when her body locked away memories of trauma. As an adult, she recovered repressed memories stored in her body and learned how to unlock the hidden emotions that were keeping her stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. She helps women reconnect to the deep well of wisdom within their pain so they can wake up to their own power. Through this healing, they end the cycle of generational trauma for their lineage and for the collective.

Download Evelyn’s free Trauma Bundle at https://www.evelynhale.com/trauma-bundle

Connect with Evelyn on Instagram @inner.light.healing

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