MAiTÉ is celebrated for her ability to channel music that pulls listeners deep into presence with the Divine. Her music is a call to action; a transmission of Pure, Divine Love that guides listeners back to a remembrance of who they truly are. Channeling deep wisdom through her brilliant yet humble lyrics, and channeling the gentle magnificence of nature through her production, every particle in the space is listening as her music speaks to each cell of your being. In addition to sharing her musical medicine, MAiTÉ is a teacher and mentor offering one on one work, retreats, and courses to those on the path of Self Expression, Self Inquiry, and Self Realization.

In this episode we get deep and personal. Maité talks to Leia about false selves, the usefulness of ego, the tendency to escape the present moment and how we can move into more self presence. We discuss the process of trying to heal the wounds and unmet needs of our childhoods through romantic partnerships. So many themes arise, like deprograming, facing hard truths, taking responsibility, being authentic, playing with consciousness, and the many faces and expressions of ego.

Maité shares her teacher’s wisdom: “the plants are neither good nor bad; they’re just powerful.” She talks about the importance of the container, of approaching psychedelic plant medicine work with care and intention, and integrating afterward. We discuss working with medicine in community versus doing it alone. Maité shares about emotions and eating, and her experience with wounds rising up during a fast. (and check out this song that she received during that experience:

We finish the conversation by talking about codependency, and how we can disrupt it by breaking scripts, and the ways that spiritual/emotional bypassing can arise in that process.

Instagram: @Maitelamuse

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