Embracing Death with Ellen Wong

Ellen Wong is a Chinese-American psychedelic death doula who guides medicine journeys, breathwork, sound and somatic root healing. She companions people in reclaiming life through facing death.

She is a resident facilitator for DoubleBlind Magazine and The Ancestor Project, and co-creator of the “Woo Knew.” Podcast

In this rich and potent episode, we discuss ancestral wounding around the sharing of emotions, embracing the light and dark within ourselves, accountability, developing the tools to sit with discomfort that comes with taking responsibility, anger and grief, technology, and astrology and revolution. Ellen shares about coming into a more loving relationship with religious trauma, representation in medicine spaces, death doula work, the mundane as the special sauce of life, and turning toward nature and her own intuition to direct her toward what feels resonant.

IG: @‌tripwithellen

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