April 8th -DOUBLEBLIND Psychedelics, Intimacy and Sex Summit

Psychedelics, Intimacy, and Sex Summit

In psychedelic communities, I often hear about how we are our own healers—how everything we need to heal is “within.” Indeed, I believe each individual is the best authority on their own well being and healing path.

At the same time, I wonder whether the relationships in our lives—from our romantic partners to our parents to our friends, lovers, and broader community—are another essential piece of the puzzle.

We live in a time where loneliness is a pandemic— and as humans, we’re meant to be in community. Each of us deserves to feel fully seen, if they so choose. We heal when we have tough conversations, when we learn to support and see each other fully, when we trip together (and we talk about our trips together), when we give each other fully-consensual, orgasmic pleasure, when we release shame about what we want and need, and when we work to interrupt limiting patterns that have been playing out in our relationships.

Join us for @doubleblindmag’s inaugural Psychedelics, Intimacy, and Sex Summit on April 8 to learn about how you can use the psychedelic experiences you have on your own and with other people to cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships. We’ll cover psychedelics for healing blocks around romance, orgasming, communicating in healthier ways with loved ones, cultivating community, setting and communicating boundaries, and more. (For 10% off, use code LEIA10)

This 3-part virtual event will feature panel discussions with @nicolledoublel, @sacred.alchemist, @mamadelamyco, @gabi.curandeira, @brittaloved, @lauramaenorthrup, @themotherjaguar, @sutton.king, @shelbyannehart, @lauren.taus, @thepsychedeologist, Dr. Jenny Martin, and Dr. Lia Jiannine.

Tickets are on sale until April 8 and you can take an additional 10% off with the discount code: LEIA10. Get your ticket here: https://doubleblindmag.com/psychedelics-intimacy-and-sex-summit/

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