Loving Pause & Sacred Subtleties with Éva-Milan Zsiga / Coyote

Éva-Milan Zsiga/Coyote graces the Psychedologist with her joyful presence! In this episode.. meditation, embodiment,  “there is no consciousness without collective consciousness,” connecting to the consciousness of nature, finding our pleasureable ‘no,’ pause as permission to be slow, to enjoy subtlety, to cultivate gratitude, to trust in self, community, and experience. Forgiveness, breath as refuge, making space for self inquiry, nervous system tending, and the rush of accomplishment… patience, deep witnessing, laughing at ourselves, cultivating laughter and joy as a ritual to begin and end each day, vowing never to abandon ourselves, and the Legacy Project!


Éva-Milan Zsiga (aka Coyote) is a writer, preschool teacher, artist and mindfulness meditation facilitator interested in finding awe in the “mundane” and emanating reminders of meeting ourselves where we are. She is a holistic-health advocate and “jack of all trades,” learning to embrace her fullness and multitudes, with each breath – shifting nervousness to excitement and fear into fascination.

Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y, Éva-Milan has had the honor to offer tools and techniques of mindfulness through her guided meditations for the past 7 years- in NYC, Mexico, and virtually- far and wide.

Some things that tickle her soul & bring her joy are;

-moss, frogs, & many animals (sparrows!)

-communing with the ocean on a surfboard

-the vagus nerve & learning more about the fascinating human brain

-being barefoot

-exploring nature

-traveling the world”


Éva-Milan’s website: http://www.waterforease.com/sos

Tumbleweed: www.tumbleweedbrooklyn.com


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