Sharing the Medicine with Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP

Caitlin and I recorded this juicy and nourishing conversation over herbal tea in her home (you may hear her ancient kitty, Mimi, chime in occasionally). We talk about stories, masks, meditation and reiki, her relationship to the plants, eating with the seasons, food as medicine, herbs and astrology, the moon, cannabis, and microdosing various medicines (including those that are more famously known for macrodosing). A recurring theme in the dialogue is tapping into the enormous universe while dropping down into the earth, connecting to being a Being who is crossing these many and various plains of existence.

Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP is a radical wellness clinician and an expert in plant medicine and cannabis care. Caitlin has been an herbalist since she first started playing with plants and she has an extensive background in holistic health. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach specializing in cannabis and preventative medicine. Combining her passion for science, plants, healing, and fun, she created Azalla Wellness & Education LLCs, her clinical practice and education platform. She resides in western Massachusetts, where she can be found watching for hawks and listening to rivers.

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