Sound Healing with TiTa Espindola

TiTa Espindola comes on the show to talk about sound healing, singing bowls and musical medicine.

TiTa is a Brazilian, 3rd generation singer that has been invested in creating healing journeys with music using the power of the voice, guitar, drums, bowls and other sacred instruments.

From a popular music background and many years dedicated to studying music and the voice, for the past three years TiTa has been exploring research and knowledge on different therapeutic sound modalities to combine into her offerings. A certified Sound Healer, she also completed training in Quantum Sound Therapy, Rhythms for Healing Advanced Facilitation and the Arimany Method, to mention some, and now is pursuing a certification as Modern Meditation Teacher.

In her performances she seeks to bring mindful experiences combined with sounds and music, playing the instruments, singing mantras, indigenous songs and music that speak directly to the heart with intention, awareness, and transformation.

Instagram: @titaespindola

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