Fox Geist (celebrating 100 Episodes!)

Fox, editor and producer of The Psychedologist, comes on the podcast to celebrate our 100th episode! We talk about his experiences with psychedelics and he shares his thoughts for any of the more straight-laced listeners who might be thinking of trying out journey work for themselves. We set the intention to do 1,000 episodes of the Psychedologist, and have Fox on as a guest for every 100th episode.

While Fox provides encouragement to folks who might be on the fence about trying psychedelics, we want to be clear that psychedelics aren’t necessarily for everyone. Please be responsible for your own choices, do your research to find out if its a good fit for you, and go about it in the safest way possible. Just as psychedelics can call to us, there can also be a time when we feel the call to shift to using other tools, and that’s great, too 🙂

Fox Geist is a medical device salesman from Renard, Arkansas. He lives a “normal” suburban life with his wife, 2 young children, and Zorro, the cat.

Fate brought us together while attending his 1st and only Psychedelic Science conference in 2016. As we stayed in touch over the next year, Fox insisted that I start my own podcast. He dusted off an old home recording hobby and handed me a microphone when we next met in person. Fox has been editing and producing the show since it began in 2017.

Jiminy Cricket, for anyone who wasn’t sure:

A collection of ThatWasEpic give-away videos:

David Carradine playing a Chinese character and promoting Eastern philosophy to a young Fox:

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