Healing Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics: Laura Mae Northrup of Inside Eyes

Laura Mae Northrup is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma. She is a practicing psychotherapist and educator. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity. She is a champion of living more fully engaged and responsible lives through the healing use of entheogens and psychedelics. She lives and works in Oakland, CA.


Inside Eyes Podcast
Facebook: lauramaenorthrup
Instagram: lauramaenorthrup
Twitter: @inside__eyes
Email: insideeyespodcast@gmail.com

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    1. Hi ML, I must have fallen short of writing them down.. Were there any you specifically remember that you want links to? I can listen to the episode this next month and try to pen down everything.

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