Gina of Treatment Room, Inc

A dialogue with the fantastic Gina Tacconi-Moore! We chat about trauma and the body, the nervous system, consciousness and mystical experiences.

Bio: A pioneer in the world of manual therapy with knowledge that goes far beyond the four walls that house your primary care physician, Gina Tacconi-Moore spends her time answering mystery pain with the motto: “It’s not magic—it’s mobility.”

As an accomplished clinician and businesswoman, Gina has been running her own practice, The Treatment Room, in all of its iterations since 2013. Aside from working as a member of the medical staff for CrossFit Regionals from 2013 to 2018, she is a renowned consultant for high profile sports organizations and clients nationwide including the NFL, MLB, and PGA. Gina’s unique approach to pain management and relief is rooted not only in her copious manual therapy certifications, but also in her extraordinary prosection work. Most notably, Gina was a part of the team at the PLASTINARIUM lab in Guben, Germany that prepared the world’s first plastinated model of the human fascial system.

Even with this impressive roster, Gina still finds time to pursue her own love for CrossFit, weightlifting, literature, and the art of interior design. There’s truly never a dull day in Denton County, Texas where she lives with her husband, Alexander, and their dog, Dorian.

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