A dialogue about PSIT with Shawna Pelton

Bio: Shawna is a Transformational Guide of 20 years helping everyday leaders who feel stuck with an opportunity to heal from unresolved trauma, rewire the Nervous System for safety & success, stop self-sabotaging behavior and patterns of resistance, feel more confident to communicate your boundaries, and prosper with purpose.

Link: ShawnaPelton.com

This is a conversation originally published on the Quantum Shift Podcast. Shawna, my friend and colleague, invited me on to discuss PSIT – Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Therapy, and therapeutic psychedelic work in general.*

Please note – PSIT is a fascinating and powerful modality. Similar to psychedelics, it should be approached with great care, intentionality and respect. And, it is not for everyone. Proceed with caution, learn all about how it works so you have an understanding of what you’re doing, follow the instructions (including the importance of having internal resources to call upon in order to navigate the destabilization that will come up) and seek out an experienced facilitator.

This article has great tips about vetting a psychedelic guide, and much of it could apply to vetting a PSIT facilitator:

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