Shelby of Bay Staters for Natural Medicine

Shelby is a volunteer with the community organization Bay Staters for Natural Medicine, who recently advocated for decriminalization in Easthampton, MA. Shelby has an interest and background in environmental and biological science, as well as culinary and visual arts. They sustained a traumatic brain injury as a child; this shaped the way they live and the way their mind works.

In this episode, we talk about prohibition, decriminalization and public health. Shelby shares about their experience with having a TBI, and their thoughts about pharmaceutical medications, the medical system, at home psychedelic use, and community psychedelic use. The conversation turns to identity, and the trap of putting people into boxes. Shelby recounts their experience of growing up nonbinary in a rural area without a lot of support. We wrap up the conversation by talking about gender, nudity, and our mutual love of plants.

IG: @baystaters

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