Reconciling the Self with Acacea Lewis

Acacea Lewis is a friend and amazing interdimensional being who I deeply respect, appreciate and enjoy! We met at the Detroit Psychedelics Conference back in 2018, where she spoke about a brilliant array of topics (you can hear more in a prior episode of the Psychedologist, entitled “Detroit Psychedelics Conference”). Acacea has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share, and while she has been known to teach, she’s currently doing the hermit thing. So if you find her, you are in luck!

In this episode, Acacea shares about reconciling the self, impermanence, individuality (or, what it means to have your own life). She imparts that life is a prolonged experience of building our own funeral pyre. We talk about grieving, and Acacea shares some reflections from her experience of losing her wife, Mike, one year ago.

Leia asks about how to reconcile manifestation / the law attraction, with feeling our feelings / giving our emotions time and space to be felt and expressed. Acacea offers suggestions such as what might help someone become at peace with their own journey. We talk about death as an evolution, love as suffering’s polar opposite, and how only love can heal suffering.

Also discussed are dreams as a way to emerge from grief, the divine practice of giving offerings to oneself, how to sit with and unpack our hatred, interview it, and undo the knots in the heart (without taking scissors to the damn thing), through patience and a magnifying glass that allows the emotions to unfold and reveal subtle qualities to you. Acacea finishes by offering that we can feed love to our emotions, embrace the ritual of silence, and hold ourselves accountable to our own needs.

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Insta: Acacea_Lewis

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