John Robertson, Maps of the Mind and R/Evolution

John and Leia discuss important considerations for approaching work with psychedelics, such as managing expectations, setting intentions, being open and allowing of experience, trusting the value of what comes up and trusting the process, working with disappointment, sliding back into old patterns post-experience, coming back to ourselves in honoring and accepting where we are, recognizing the non-linearity of psychedelic healing and transformation.

We touch on the larger structures that we live in, the times we are in today, and how those can make it difficult to integrate and be fully integrated in ourselves. That metamorphosis can be painful, but is also part of a larger process of becoming more beautiful and full. Becoming empowered and standing up for what we believe in.

The topic of becoming more whole comes up, through integration in ourselves and in the collective. John speaks to the value of integrity, developing our character, being responsible and honest, especially as we hold space for others. Psychedelics can help us connect to the deepest sense of self, seeing hard truths, welcoming them and integrating them.

John talks about his upcoming course, R/Evolution, a deep dive for psychedelic explorers who want to develop, expand and deepen their practice and make the most of their experiences.

Bio: John is a psychedelic explorer, activist, and guide. His work focuses on access, empowerment, and community – and his current mission is to spread the wondrous gifts of psychedelics by helping people learn how to use them effectively. John blogs at Maps of the Mind. You can find him on Twitter at @mapsofthemind.


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