Decriminalization with Teresa, Nicolle and Carlos

This episode includes a conversation with Teresa Mycelia who helped with Denver’s (successful) initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and a conversation with Nicolle Greenheart and Carlos Plazola who are part of Decriminalize Nature Oakland.

The Denver initiative narrowly won on Wednesday, May 8th by less than 2,000 votes (about a 1% margin). This makes the possession, use and cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms among people aged 21 and over the lowest priority crime for law enforcement in the city of Denver.

Decriminalize Nature Oakland is an educational campaign to inform Oakland residents about the value of entheogenic plants and fungi and the intention to propose a resolution to decriminalize our relationship to nature.


Teresa Mycelia (Denver Decriminalization)
Teresa is a Microbiology student at CSU who hopes to use her education to study fungi and bring awareness to the benefits of psilocybin. She is President of the Psychedelic Club at CSU and encourages drug policy reform.

Nicolle Greenheart (Decriminalize Nature Oakland) is a curious explorer of Spiritual Alchemy and Magic. She considers herself a Cultivator of her life, a Free-spirit and Non-conformist, a Seeker of Truth and Wisdom and a Green Witch. She is also a Wife, Homeschooling Mom of two, and Advocate for the decriminalization of nature and humanity’s right to be in relationship with nature.

She is currently in a Facilitator’s Training program to prepare to hold space for others to journey with Entheogens and integrate their experiences. She is also heavily involved in the Decriminalize Nature Initiative as a founding Board Member and dreams that equitable access will be available to all those who need and want to heal through sacred plant medicine and practices.

Carlos is the CEO of BuildZig Development Services. He served as Chief of Staff to the Oakland City Council President as advisor on economic development issues under Jerry Brown’s mayoral term. He has extensive experience in lobbying, community organizing, as well as the more technical aspects of real estate investment and development. Carlos received his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Anthropology from UCLA, and his master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale. Before attending Yale, Carlos lived in the Amazon rainforest with the Achuar tribe, sparking his interest in protecting the environment.

Carlos is passionate about sustainable development and reducing our impact on this planet. He is most excited about working on projects that can demonstrate how to do that in a profitable and beautiful way.


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