Bett Williams

In this hilarious, wise and heart-filled episode, Bett and Leia share some back and forth on the current climate of psychedelia. Bett graciously reads us two amazing excerpts from her upcoming book, The Wild Kindness, and we reflect on the moments that draw us to ask ourselves, “what do I stand for?”

Bett Williams is the author of The Wrestling Party and Girl Walking Backwards, recently named in Vogue Magazine as one of the top ten young adult queer novels. In 2015, she spoke at the first Women and Entheogens Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2018, she was a featured speaker at the Horizons Perspectives on Psychedelics Conference in NY. She and her partner, Beth Hill, host writers and artists in the high desert and run Madrid General, a psychedelic gift shop in Madrid, NM. They were the recipients of the 2018 Kindle Project Makers Muse Award. Her book about growing mushrooms in New Mexico for over six years, The Wild Kindness, is finished and in the process of finding a publishing home.


Bett’s Website
Psychedelics are Queer, Just Saying:

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