Ayize Jama-Everett returns

Ayize just released his final book of the year, Box of Bones: Book Two. He comes back on the podcast for a part 2! We discussed, “what is evil?” and, synchronistically/eerily, the rest of the recording magically disappeared after the first portion of our discussion. I humbly offer this short clip of Ayize specifying what his definition of evil is, before the recording cut out.

Ayize says that evil could be defined as.. That which does not lend its support to the life cycle.

In the original conversation, I went on to share the story of an encounter I had with something that did feel distinctly evil, in the weeks following our first podcast conversation. I wonder if that story just wasn’t meant to be told? At any rate, I hope you enjoy this further context to our first conversation about if evil exists. At this point, I will say, I have converted to a “yes” on that question!

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